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1.    Including full Breakfast
2.    Free welcome cocktail
3.    Discounted deluxe massage
4.    Introduction to Fajara Club & Golf Course
5.    Free wifi

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The Green Season

Forget the ‘Rainy season’, and dreary days indoors, as one gets in England.

The Gambian green season runs from June to September, and has to be seen to be believed. Nature is truly impressive, rough and velvety soft. It gets calm before the storm.  The sky turns black ink, and the birds and animals go silent.

Nature holds it breath and then BANG !

Trees are tossed back and forth. Leaves fly around. There is a bang, and blast and fork lightning shoots over the ocean, like you have never seen before. The entire area is lightning bolts, and bright yellow light. The raindrops are as big as marbles and clatter down at full speed. The noise is deafening with drumming, and on the wind whistling through the palm trees.

And then suddenly....It is dry again the sun shines again.The birds sing, the atmosphere is cleansed, and all is happy relaxing and even sensual.

Whether you are looking for an extreme vacation, or just fun, remember green is good. These storms occur perhaps three times a week and don’t last for long.  Most of the time we have the normal glorious Gambian warm and dry weather.